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The Ultimate Bundle (2024 Journal, Affirmation Sticky Notes & Diamond Pen)

The Ultimate Bundle (2024 Journal, Affirmation Sticky Notes & Diamond Pen)

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2024 She Has Goals® Journal.

🤔 Having trouble staying consistent with your goals?

😩 Tired of starting and stopping with every distraction?

✅ The She Has Goals® Journal is globally recognized as the #1 journal for accountability and consistency on the market.

✍🏾 If you desire to be more dedicated to the goals you've created, the She Has Goals® Journal will definitely propel you into action to be in a better place mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually next week, month, and year. Un-dated, so you can start your accountability journey at any time.

She Affirms® Affirmation Sticky Notes.

End negative self-talk and retrain your mind to focus on the positive. "She Affirms™ Her Goals" are our sticky notes adorned with mindful messages to inspire and celebrate the goal-getting woman.

Every affirmation is written three times, so you can place the same powerful message in three different places. Easily stick our empowering and heartfelt affirmations in your most frequented areas at home, work, school, or inside your She Has Goals® Journal.

Diamond Rose Gold Pen.

Embossed with "She Has Goals" and a unique diamond top, our Diamond Rose Gold Pen is a perfect accessory for your She Has Goals Journal.

A beautiful ballpoint pen that is simple to hold, writes smoothly into paper and is easy to dispense. Complementary to every purchase is our elegant pink box embellished with our infamous “She Has Goals” motto.

  • Black Ink
  • No Bleeding
  • Dainty and Lightweight
  • Comfortable to Hold


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