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We Have Goals Journal

We Have Goals Journal

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It’s ok to have your own goals, but true power couples flourish when their foundation is rooted in God and there’s a shared understanding and direction for your future together.

The We Have Goals Journal is designed to strengthen the bond, communication, discipline and motivation in your relationship, as well as to align your values and vision for the future.

This guided journal filled with prompts will allow the two of you to:

❤️ Write down your goals for the year as a couple and break them down into specific, measurable, and achievable steps.

❤️ Celebrate your wins, big and small, and acknowledge your challenges and setbacks. Learn from your mistakes and adjust your strategies together accordingly.

❤️ Reflect on your feelings, thoughts and experiences along the way. Express gratitude, appreciation and support for each other. Share your feedback, suggestions and concerns in a respectful and constructive way. Resolve any conflicts or misunderstandings peacefully and collaboratively.

 ❤️ Visualize your desired outcomes and imagine how you will feel when you reach them. Use positive affirmations, quotes or images to inspire and motivate yourself and your partner. Remind yourself of the benefits and rewards of pursuing your goals together.

❤️ Have fun and be creative with your We Have Goals Journal. Use colors, stickers, drawings or photos to personalize it. Make it a habit to journal together regularly, or surprise each other with notes or messages in the journal. Enjoy the process of growing and learning together as a couple.